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Ah, good advice.
It’s so easy to ignore.

I’ve been an athlete my entire life.
Like most athletes, I “knew” I needed to stretch. To rest. To take care of my body.
But I didn’t.

Instead, I pushed myself. To do one more. To go harder. To go faster.
I pushed so hard that I got injured. So hard that I could no longer

do the activities I loved.

Watching longingly from the sidelines, ice pack in hand,

I realized what I already “knew.”
I realized how important it was to take care of my body.

Months of stretching, massage and gentle strength building got me "back in the game." Slowly and carefully, with the help of many patient professionals, 

I healed my body

It was then that dedicated my life to healing athletes

who love to push themselves. Who need to keep going.

Who have to excel.

I help them overcome old injuries and prevent new ones.

You aren’t too old. You don’t have to quit. You just need the right recovery program.  

I am here to get you back out there. To get you performing better than ever. To turn “One more” into “Ten More.” Safely, comfortably.

I am an athlete, a yoga teacher, a fitness coach and a professional massage therapist.

I have the tools you need to excel. I provide All Your Body Kneads.

So no matter how long you have been ignoring the advice to care for your body,

call today. 

Massage is just one aspect of a complete self-care routine!

Our other services for lasting pain relief and relaxation include: 

  • Customized Yoga Sessions

  • Deluxe Spa Services

  • Postural Re-Alignment Training

  • Fitness Coaching

  • Self-Massage Training

  • Couples Massage Training